Double-Bobble Countess Shawl

A very nice lady ordered this elegant black shawl, and I named it "Countess", as it is simple and glamorous in all its modesty.


Purse "Vanya"

From leftover yarn, or any other material that hangs around your house and cluttering your valuable space, you can make a cute little purse.




Where the anchor drops...

Hand-painted T-shirt for my beloved brother Nick :)

It's very easy to make an original and personalized gift. If you like to draw, buy a T-shirt and paint it with textile contour markers.
Nick wanted to have a big anchor and I added a written note (Home is where the anchor drops).


3 Tulips and a bit more - Anita Mei No.10

Tailoring and sewing magazine Anita Mei celebrated its little jubilee in February - No. 10 came out!

We've already written some posts about this issue, but it seems like the perfect time to start sewing your summer clothes, as well as to collect ideas about how to spend some free time when you're not on holiday. The February front cover will cool you down in these scorching days, and the colourful items for the hottest season will refresh your look on the beach, in the city, your nights out...


Turquoise and Melange

A small rug for relaxation moments

I've been getting some yarn and fabrics as presents lately, and so that's how this tiny rag-rug has come to life, as the perfect addition for my favourite corner on the balcony. 


The Duchess Shawl

I made this big shawl for a friend who needed a wrap to wear over a denim or leather jacket when colder autumn days arrive. Below, I present another variation in gold colour.

The material is 100% mercerised cotton "Tanja" in colour light grey, which I combined with a thin lame thread to achieve silver glow. I used hook No. 4.5. The shawl weighs 700 gr and falls below the knee.


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