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Silk Summer Dress - Pattern

Pročitajte ovaj tekst na srpskom
This is my favourite summer dress – very comfortable, easy to sew and one of a kind! :)

Here you can see a few changes I made to the dress.
Picture on the right shows the first version - the front upper edge is straight, while the flower is on the drape below the hip.
Picture on the left is with modifications - I hand stitched the upper front edge (cleavage) to get the shape of a heart and I also attached the flower there.

The dress has 2 layers of fabric – the upper one is about 10 cm shorter than the lower one. It is slightly draped on one side and has a flower attached on it.

Recommended Materials Elastic materials ONLY: Silk, viscose or any other light, nicely draped fabric, viscose thread, elastic band (3cm wide), scissors, paper to make the pattern, sewing machine Amount of Fabrics About 2 meters of fabric (double the length of the dress)  Making the pattern:Step 1.   To make the pattern for this dress, draw a rectangle on a large piece of paper. …

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