The Duchess Shawl

I made this big shawl for a friend who needed a wrap to wear over a denim or leather jacket when colder autumn days arrive. Below, I present another variation in gold colour.

The material is 100% mercerised cotton "Tanja" in colour light grey, which I combined with a thin lame thread to achieve silver glow. I used hook No. 4.5. The shawl weighs 700 gr and falls below the knee.

The pattern is very effective and fun to work. Whoever came up with this beautiful rosette, has a great sense of ornamentation. Below you will find diagrams and photos which I found on the net, and which were used for this particular piece. Unfortunately, I don't have the original source, but judging by the letters in the pictures, I'd say it comes from Japan, China, Korea, or something similar...

Here is my variation of the shawl - stretched in the shape of lady-bird's wings.

The golden Duchess is very effective. It was made from cotton yarn without the lame thread.

3 ways to wear this piece of accessory:


The picture below shows the original model. The yarn I used was pretty thick, so the shawl turned out to be huge. Therefore, I made some changes and got a different look: the big central circle is still there but instead of 3 semi-circles, I left only 2, which I placed under an angle so that the shawl sits better on the shoulders. I couldn't fit the little square pieces with the star in the middle, as they would limit arm movements and ruin the shape of my newly designed garment, so I replaced them with triangles, which are actually halves of those squares. The shawl was then bordered with several rounds of net stitches with ch5.


Patterns 1 i 2 -the central circle and semi-circles

Pattern 3 - part of the square which joins the central circle with semi-circles

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