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Charlotte Square

Pročitajte tekst na srpskom

I found instructions for this lovely piece on the site Look at what I made. The author Dedri Uys has a lot more to offer when it comes to crocheting large squares.

 You will find detailed written instructions in English for crocheting Charlotte {Large Crochet Square}, illustrated with plenty of great photos.

If you find it easier to follow video tutorials, below are video clips for the square in 3 stages:

Video tutorial Part I Video tutorial Part II Video tutorial Part III
The square that I made measures 72 cm. I used several different kinds of yarn - deep green, 2 kinds of natural white, and melange green and white. The thickness of them is approximately for hook no. 3.5 - 4.5, and I worked with hook no. 4.5. I used 350 gr of yarn. In the end I added 4 tassels, one at each corner, about 13 cm long. Very good instructions for making perfect tassels you can find here.

My big square will be a table runner for the dining room in my parents' home. However, this p…

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