Baby Dress and slippers "Mila"

Knitted dress and crocheted slippers for a baby girl of about 12-15 months old.

Note: The dress was inspired by models that you can see here, and the slippers also by something I found on Craftsy website - you will find the link here.

The difference is that the original slippers were completed in knitted technique (except the edge, which was crocheted),
and I've done them completely in crochet stitches.

I made both the dress and the slippers only by improvising, as there were no instructions or they weren't free.

The Dress


- About 150gr of cotton thread, mercerized, in following colors: 50gr brown, 100gr beige and some leftovers of pink thread for the flower. I used "Helena" thread in brown (100gr = 250m) for needles No. 3 - 3.5, and the beige thread was "Vera" (50gr = 125m) of the same thickness. After making the dress, you will have enough thread left to make the slippers.

- pointed needles No. 3.5
- crochet hook for making the flower
- 4 pink buttons
- blunt sewing needle for joining the parts of the dress


- seed stitch (on an odd number of sts work like this: K1, P1 - repeat in all rows, which means that you work K sts above the P ones and vice versa)

- stockinette stitch (K on the right side, P on the wrong side)

- ribs 1/1 (K1, P1, in all rows on an even number of stitches)



Start with brown - cast on 81 sts and work seed stitch in the next 10 rows (= 3cm). At the same time, prepare 2 marking threads - 2 pieces of thread (yarn) in different colors than the dress, which you will fold in half and tie in a knot, leaving a big enough loop to slide onto the needle.

In row 11 on first 7 sts work seed st., place a marker, on next 66 sts work stockinette st, double the 67th st (= 68 central sts), and seed st on the last 7 sts.

In the next 4.5cm work the first and last 7 sts in seed st, and central 68sts in stockinette. On 7.5cm from the beginning change color - beige, and continue in the same way until 21.5cm.

On 21.5cm (right side) work first 7 sts in seed st, and after that each 3rd and 4th st K together 17 times (50 central sts), work last 7 sts in seed st. In the next row, work first 7 sts in seed st, next 50 sts in rib 1/1, work last 7 sts in seed st. Continue like this until 31cm.

In next row (right side) work first 7 sts in seed st, remove marker, K central 48 sts, next 2st K tog to get the odd number of sts, remove marker, work last 7 sts in seed st. In the next 10 rows, work seed st on all sts.

Next row (right side), work first 7 sts in seed st and put them on a spare needle, finish next 49 sts, work last 7 sts in seed st a total of 5cm. Then make a buttonhole: K1, P1, finish the next 3sts, K1, P1. Turn. Next row: K1, P1, cast on 3 new sts, K1, P1. Turn. In the next 2 rows work seed st, and finish all sts.

Transfer the first 7sts from a spare needle onto the working needle and make the other strap like the first one.

Work like the back piece until 7.5cm.

Next row: (right side) start making the pocket. Work 7sts in seed st, K next 47sts, transfer the remaining sts onto a string of yarn/thread in different color and tie it up to prevent the sts from "escaping". You will work these sts later. In next row K first 26 sts, and transfer the remaining sts onto a string of yarn to be worked later. On the needle you will have 26 sts. Work the pocket in stockinette st for 12cm and finish all sts on the wrong side.

On the wrong side pick up the 28sts from a string of yarn on the right, including the marker, then, from the first row of the completed pocket, pick up 26sts, and finally, add the remaining sts from the other string of yarn (28sts), including the marker. Here you will change the color - beige. Continue knitting with beige thread like the back piece from 7.5cm. The pocket will be on the right side.

When the front piece is finished, sew the left and right sides of the pocket to the front, using a blunt needle and brown thread. Sew the side seams together (using beige thread), but leave openings for arms starting from the rib pattern to the top.

From scrap yarn/thread in pink crochet a flower of your own choice and sew it onto the pocket. Sew 2 pink buttons to the ribbing part of the dress front. Sew the other 2 buttons to the front straps - one on each strap.

First version - roses made from satin ribbons

Second version - crocheted bows fit better with the dress

All edges were done in one round of sc.