Half-circle Skirt

Uputstvo na srpskom

The simplest way to sew a beautiful skirt – just cut 2 pieces of fabric in the shape of 1/4 of a circle and sew them together on the sides. The length of the skirt depends on the length of the material minus about 30 cm for the waist. You can decorate the edge with 1, 2 or more rows of lace ribbons.


About 3m of viscose, thread, elastic band (4-5 cm wide), scissors, sewing machine, 3-5 m of lace ribbon of your choice (optional).

Making the pattern

To make the pattern for this skirt you will need to draw 1/4 of a circle on a large piece of paper (you can use big format old newspaper). Measure your hips, add 3cm and divide it with 3,14. The number you get is the w/2 on the diagram. Measure the length from your waist to your ankles (or any other length you desire). That will be the length of your skirt (L on the diagram). Cut the paper into 1/4 circle shape.

Also, for the waist band cut a rectangle 12cm wide and the length of your hips plus 4cm for the seam.


Cutting the fabric

Lay your fabric on a flat surface, folded in half, with the right side inside. Put the paper pattern onto it and draw it on the fabric using a chalk. Remove the paper pattern and cut up the fabric. From fabric leftovers trace the waist band too and cut it.


Sewing the skirt

Sew the “L” sides of your skirt with your sewing machine. Iron the stitches. For edging, use the smallest zigzag stitch of your sewing machine to make the edge wavy. Then fold the waist band in half, iron it, and sew its lower edge onto the upper edge of the skirt. Iron the seam, sew the inside of the waist band by hand. Leave the opening about 5cm unsewn for the elastic band. Cut one piece of the elastic band in the length of your waist minus a few cm and insert it into the waist. Since the waist is the measure of your hips and not waist, the fabric will wrinkle slightly. Finally, attach 2 or 3 ribbons of lace to the lower edge of the skirt and sew it to it. Your skirt is ready to go for a walk!