Pleated Border Skirt

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A long time ago, when I was still at the beginning of my sewing career, using an ancient old, but a good pattern, I sewed a miniskirt out of nice woolen suit fabric. Back then I didn't really know how to adjust a pattern according to my measurements, so I made it exactly by the book and it turned out too wide in the hips. So, I didn't wear the skirt after all as it was rather baggy on me, and the poor thing was left in my wardrobe for quite some time, waiting for my tailoring development so that it could be refashioned to fit my figure.

On another day, a long time after the above mentioned one, I managed to narrow the skirt in the hip line and it was great... Oh, but wait! This time it also had a flaw - too short for my conservative nature... :-( And, so I left it to sleep alone in a corner of my closet for the second time on end...

Naturally, this post wouldn't exist if there hadn't been for the third day which resolved the final destiny of this  capricious skirt. Out of the same material, which by the way my mother who got it from her mother, my Nana, I was supposed to sew a pair of trousers for my father (at this point I was already experienced in that field). However, the material had had several holes in it as it was left in a closet for a very long time. It was practically impossible to tailor the leggings avoiding the holes. At around that time I was pretty much obsessed with sewing jackets, and as a result, I made a deal with Dad to make one for me instead by using this Burda pattern which consisted of 4 front pieces and 4 for the back as well as 2 for each sleeve. In this way I was able to avoid the holes and make something from this fabric before the moths ruined it completely. That's exactly what happened. I sewed a jacket using a 04/99 Burda pattern for model 107.

I completed the jacket very well, although a bit wider in the shoulders, but  done neatly and I was trully happy. I wore it until it was out, and now I'm thinking of refashioning it, and... well, will see when this day comes...

Anyway, from the jacket material (and the trousers I made for me later because Mom and I had found some more of it in Nana's stash), again using a Burda pattern (No. 12/96, model 110A, the trousers are also about to be refashioned some day), I had just enough leftovers to finally complete the skirt, which is the heroine of this post after all. All in all, I made a long band which I then pleated and pressed and simply sewed onto the hem of my miniskirt. It is now not too short nor too wide for my proportions.

Here is the final result of this looooong, ancient history of a simple redo :-)

The skirt has a usual narrow waistband, two darts at the front and four at the back, a zipper and button in the mid back seam. I also added two loops for hanging.

Pleated border at the front...

...and the pleated border at the back - here you can se the seam where I joined two bands together to get a long stripe for pleating; it didn't turn out to be the best work, it would have been better off with the seam inside a pleat, but it's not that bad either.

At the back I left the two sides of the border unsewn, and on the inside I applied the zigzag stitch

The skirt, understandably, has a lining, which reaches the pleated border and is not sewn to the skirt so as not to pull and wrinkle the upper fabric.

And of course, what's the point of making a skirt if you can't dance in it :)

Most importantly is that those legs and hair can fly freely :D

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