Red Crochet Hat

I've been wanting one like this for a long time - red, lady like...

Size: head circumference 56cm


- 270gr of thicker cotton yarn for hook no. 3-4
- Hook no. 3,5
- A piece of wire for the brim, 1,2mm thick
- An old belt to decorate the hat (for the hat band)


Work with double strand and hook no. 3.5 to make the hat firm. Work single crochet inserting the hook into the back loop of each stitch. Crochet in spirals, so do not work the initial chain as the beginning of the round, because you want the hat to be neat, without that ugly "seam" that is created when working in rounds. Using a piece of contrasting yarn (or a safety pin) as a marker, mark the beginning of each round, and as the work progresses, move the marker up to be able to follow the work.

st(s). = stitch(es)
sc = single crochet
n. = next
rnd. = round
*...* = repeat to the end of round
i.e. = that is

Begin with ch4 and close in a circle.
Rnd. 1 - sc8 in the circle
Rnd. 2 - double each st., i.e. sc2 in each st. (16sts).
Rnd.3 - work sc2 in every second st, i.e. *sc1, sc2 in the n. st.* (24sts).
Rnd.4 - work sc2 in every third st, i.e. *sc1, sc1, sc2 in the n. st.* (32sts).
Rnd. 5 - work sc2 in every fourth st, i.e. *sc1, sc1, sc1, sc2 in the n. st.* (40sts).

Continue adding sts in this way until rnd. 14. (112sts)

Rnd. 15 and 16. - sc1 in each st. (112sts).
Rnd. 17 - decrease every 14th st., i.e. work each 13th and 14th st. together. (104sts).
Rnds 18-29 - sc1 in each st. (104sts).
Rnd 30 - work sc2 in every second st, i.e. *sc1, sc2 in the n. st.* (156sts).
Rnd 31-34 - sc1 in each st. (156sts).
Rnd 35 - work sc2 in every 6th st, i.e. *sc5, sc2 in the* (182sts).
Rnd 36-39 - sc1 in each st. (182sts).
Rnd 40 - work sc2 in every 7th st, i.e. *sc6, sc2 in the* (208sts).
Rnd 41 -  sc1 in each st. (208sts).

Rnd 42 - sc1 in each st. Work with the wire in this rnd. Let the end of a wire stick out about 7-8 cm to the right of the hook, insert the hook into the 1st next st. grab the yarn under the wire, do the sc, and the wire stays inside that sc. Repeat to the end of the rnd.
Leave the other end of the wire to stick out to the left of the hook too and cut it. Finish the hat by working 2 slip sts, cut the yarn. Weave in ends on the wrong side of the hat.

Press the brim with your palms to make it flat, and stretch the work just a little bit so the wire sits in it neatly and evenly. Cut off the sticking ends of the wire and tuck them in the sts. If necessary, iron the brim over a wet cloth and leave to dry completely.


Make 2 loops - leave a long tail (about 20cm) before starting the foundation chain of 11 sts and work sc10. Turn. Work another row of sc10, inserting the hook into the back loop. Also leave a 20cm long tail, cut yarn and pull through the last st. Make the other loop in the same way. Using a large-eyed sewing needle, attach the loops to the sides of the hat so you can pull the belt through them.

This hat, made from thick yarn and hook no. 3.5, should be very firm and wouldn't need starching. However, if your hat turns out to be rather soft, you can stiffen it with a mixture of sugar and water. Mix in 7 tbl spoons of sugar with 14 tbl spoons of water, stir well to melt all the sugar crystals and pour this liquid into a sprinkler. Spray the hat (or just the brim) with the liquid, flatten the brim with your hands and leave on a flat surface to dry completely.

Take an old worn out belt to decorate the hat. Cut off the damaged end of it, shape the new end with sharp scissors, and pierce 3 new holes. Pull the belt through the loops and fasten it.