3 Tulips and a bit more - Anita Mei No.10

Tailoring and sewing magazine Anita Mei celebrated its little jubilee in February - No. 10 came out!

We've already written some posts about this issue, but it seems like the perfect time to start sewing your summer clothes, as well as to collect ideas about how to spend some free time when you're not on holiday. The February front cover will cool you down in these scorching days, and the colourful items for the hottest season will refresh your look on the beach, in the city, your nights out...


In the new edition you'll find a lot of fun rubrics:

-  men's jacket
-  beach & city shirt-dress
-  3 variations of a skirt that we named "The Tulip"
-  and accordingly, a text about Tulip the flower
-  one male creative mind - paper jewellery
-  new faces, new models
-  a good recipe for those with a sweet tooth
... and many more.

In this post I'll just tickle your imagination with my 2 designs which received many nice comments by the readers.

1. Striped Jersey Dress

Model: Bojana Dragićević

You can wear this piece as a dress, for daily strolls around the city, or as a long beach cardigan in the hottest part of the day to protect you from the sun.

I sewed the dress from cotton jersey. This garment has buttons at the front, short sleeves and collar without the collar band. The novelty are the plackets whose upper parts I flipped outwards so that they open toward the collar.

You will find the sewing pattern pieces in the 10th edition of Anita Mei Magazine.

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 2. "Tulip" skirt with corset-like lace

Model: Jelena Krstić

This is one of the 3 variations of  our "Tulip" skirt, modelled together by the members of our team, by adjusting the basic skirt pattern.

Zorana Đurić writes about the basic skirt pattern and gives detailed instructions on how to draft your own. Her "Tulip" in beautiful burgundy will take you back to the '60s.

Maja Urošević made a unique skirt out of fabrics in two contrasting colours, with a lot of zippers which, opened and closed, resemble an upside down tulip from its blossom to the fully opened petals.

My design of this skirt has pleats, it was also made from 2 kinds of fabric, and has hand-sewn corset-like loops and laces, as shown in the pictures. In our magazine you'll find the instructions for making the loops, as well as a detailed tutorial for tailoring and sewing all three skirts.

Finished loop, hand-sewn with embroidery thread
Groups of 5 loops on each side of the pleats; front and back are the same

Final look with tied laces - satin ribbons - pulled through the loops