Where the anchor drops...

Hand-painted T-shirt for my beloved brother Nick :)

It's very easy to make an original and personalized gift. If you like to draw, buy a T-shirt and paint it with textile contour markers.
Nick wanted to have a big anchor and I added a written note (Home is where the anchor drops).


- men's T-shirt
- contour marker for painting on textile
- printing paper and a picture that you like
- a piece of cardboard to make the pattern, the size of your selected picture
- Sharp, pointed scissors for cutting paper
- glue for paper
- pins
- iron
- old newspapers (about 20 sheets, thick enough to protect the T-shirt)

Making the pattern: 


1. Choose a picture that you like and print it out in A4, A3 format, or as a poster image, depending on the desirable size. I chose a picture of an anchor which I found on the Internet and printed it in 2x2 poster size on my home printer. For beginners I recommend a simple drawing, silhouette or any other picture without many details, which doesn't require a lot of artistic skills and whose contours would be easy to cut up.

2. Paste the printed image onto the cardboard using glue for paper.

3. Cut the contours the way you like them to appear on the T-shirt. In my case only the white parts of the image were cut out, of course, making sure not to cut the spots where blue and white spaces are connected.



4. Iron the shirt, and then insert a thick layer of newspapers inside of it so that you prevent the paint from getting to the other side while you are drawing.

5. Place the pattern on the right side of the T-shirt and pin it down so as not to move.

6. Shake the marker away from the shirt and test it on a piece of cardboard or a cloth. Draw a few lines and shapes to get the feeling.

7. Now you can start drawing on the shirt. Take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and - get to work! Follow the pattern contours and paint. Don't worry if some lines are uneven - it's your hand-made piece of work and imperfection is exactly what makes it lovely and valuable.
8. After you finish drawing the lines, you can fill in some space with paint. I filled in mine with zigzag moves, I didn't want to soak the work with too much paint.

9. When you finish all the painting, DO NOT REMOVE THE PATTERN NOR THE NEWSPAPERS in order not to damage the painting. Carefully move the shirt to a flat surface, place it in a remote place in the house where no one from the people or pets you live with can get anywhere near it, so it can dry completely. The drying time is about 6 hours, but I recommend to leave it longer if you can (10-12 hours).

10. After drying, remove the pins, pattern and newspapers very carefully. Now you need to iron the shirt on the right or wrong side over a cloth which should cover the painted area - if you iron the right side, just place the cloth over the drawing, and if you iron on the wrong side, put the cloth inside the T-shirt. Press with iron for about 10-15 minutes pausing after every few minutes. In this way the paint is fixed and won't wash out. This kind of painted work is best washed by hand using a mild detergent and with light tumble without squeezing. Dry in shade.