The Duchess Shawl and Fingerless Gloves in Stone-Grey

A well-known Duchess shawl (for Julia) was crocheted in stone-grey colour, and I also made fingerless gloves to match.

I enjoyed crocheting the shawl  while resting at a beach resort...

The pictures show the shawl without fringe; I attached them later, but the wrap is equally beautiful without it.

Duchess Julia wanted some fingerless gloves to match and I made them from leftovers (about 40gr of yarn). They have one opening for the thumb and another one for four other fingers. I crocheted the gloves in dc and the central part is the shell motif from the shawl pattern. The edges were completed in sc, and the last round are sc with picots. I decorated them with lace ribbons.

 The Duchess shawl pattern can be found here

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