Double-Bobble Countess Shawl

A very nice lady ordered this elegant black shawl, and I named it "Countess", as it is simple and glamorous in all its modesty.


Yarn "Perlita" 100% pan, 350 gr
Hook 3.5mm


A triangle shape
Height - 112 cm
The longest side - 184 cm
Fringe - 19 cm


st(s) -stitch(es)
ch - chain
dc - double crochet
yo - yarn over
db - double bobble


Double bobble - *(1dc but not completed to the end, - don't draw yarn through the 2 sts on the hook in the last phase of working dc)3x, 1yo, draw the hook through all 4sts.* Repeat from * to * one more time.

Begin with ch6 and close in a circle.
Row 1 -  ch6, db in arch of the initial ch6, ch3, 1dc in the same arch, turn.
Row 2 - ch6, db in the 1st arch, ch3, db in the next arch, ch3, 1dc in the same (last) arch, turn.
Row 3 - ch6, db in the 1st arch, ch3, *db in the next arch, ch3*, repeat from * to * to the end of row, db in the last arch, ch3, 1dc in the same arch, turn.

From the 4th row repeat row 3, i.e. work db in every arch separated by ch3. Bind off when you reach the desirable size of the shawl. Leave a tail about 20cm long, like the fringe length.

In each arch on the sides of the shawl attach the fringe about 40cm long and folded in half (finished length / 20cm). Hold 5 strands of yarn for one bunch of fringe.

Press the fringe making sure the temperature of the iron is medium. Line up the fringe and cut the sticking-out ends with sharp scissors.

This shawl is big, soft and warm, and can be worn as a wrap at any time of year. You can also use it as an afghan while you are resting, reading, or enjoying by the fire...