A Sweater for Pit

When a customer of mine recently rang my doorbell to pick up her Duchess Shawl, to my great surprise and thrill, with her in the hall there was her school friend with her dog Pit on a leash. They had met by accident in my neighbourhood while Ivana was trying to find my building. Pit's owner wanted to see my works and ended up ordering a sweater for her pet.

And Pit - that is a quiet and obedient little creature, I would even say a bit scared. When he found himself in new space, he didn't feel very comfortable. He cramped by Natasha and wouldn't move. However, he was good enough to lick my hand and the measuring tape when I started taking his measures. He was very good and taking all the measurements for his sweater was incredibly easy.  I took the length from neck to tail, neck, chest and tail circumference (tail - for a little loop at the end of the garment so that the sweater doesn't move), leg circumference, length from his throat down to the end of the stomack (it was necessary to leave the opening for peeing).


The sweater was made from 100% woolen yarn "Trend" Super wash, 100 gr = 110 m, for needles No. 6-7, but I used needless No.5. The yarn itself is uneven and multicoloured, which gives this suit a bit of a rustic look.
With folded turtle-neck

Before I started knitting this piece, I made a drawing based on the measurements that I took, and calculated the number of stitches from a sample (gauge). It is VERY IMPORTANT to do the gauge step before knitting the actual piece so as not to get yourself in a situation in which you will have to unravel and adjust on the way.

I started knitting the turtle neck working 1/1 rib stitch (K1, P1) on an even number of sts with turns. After the turtle neck I knitted the rest of the sweater in stockinette stitch (K all sts on the right side, P all sts on the wrong side).

As you can see in the drawing, after the turtle neck and first trapezoid I left leg openings whose width equals the half of leg circumference. I continued knitting according to the drawing. I knitted the leggings with 4 double pointed needles No. 5 and in rib st. 1/1. The length of each legging is about to half way to the foot so they can be folded. This part of the work was very challenging as I don't like knitting with sosk needles, and especially making woolen socks was difficult achieve. Anyway, as log as there is no heel, I'm fine.

The front - bottom seam was sewn with needle and yarn

I attached a button to the rear part of the sweater and crocheted a chain of 20 sts on which I did 1 row of sc. On top of the chain I left an opening as a button hole. This loop goes around the tail and holds the sweater in place.

Pit was saved and adopted from the street. Natasha took him after she had seen him starved and afraid in the street and gave him a loving home. There are no words for me to describe what good deed she has done, so I can only appeal everyone who loves cats, dogs, and other wonderful god's creatures to adopt an animal in distress.

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