Poncho "Nena"

My husband's cousin wanted a poncho that she could wear over a jacket.
Our dear Nena wasn't available for posing, so again, I had to do all that.


- 1,5 m of checked woolen fabric, 140 cm in width 
- 3 big white buttons 
- sewing thread, scissors, sewing machine, measuring tape
- crochet hook for making the button loops (optional)


Cutting the poncho is very simple - spread the fabric and lay flat facing down. Mark the center of the lower edge and measure 75 cm up, as the dashed line shown on the drawing. Mark that line using a chalk or tailoring pins. Use scissors to cut the fabric along this line.


To make the fringe, pull out about 20 horizontal threads from the weaving on top and bottom edge, and then zigzag stitch the line where the fringe begin, using your sewing machine. This will prevent the fabric from fraying.


As picture below shows (face of the finished poncho), the left and right edge was folded down on the outside and top-stitched so as to shorten the "sleeves" (they were too long when worn). By doing so, I got the cuffs effect, but if you don't like this kind of look, you can fold them on the inside. The neckline was folded twice on the inside and stitched.

From the thread I pulled out from the weaving, I crocheted button loops and sewed them onto the right side of neck-line. These loops can be sewn from hem ribbon instead. I placed 3 big buttons diagonally and hand sewed them to the left side of the poncho.

*       *       *