New Year Ballroom Combination

For our annual Ballroom dancing event at IT Faculty in Belgrade, I made a skirt and corset. As matching jewelry I wanted to wear these crocheted necklace and bracelet, but it seemed a bit over the top, so these two pieces of accessory remained unworn and will await some other special occasion.

Both the choker-necklace and the bracelet were made according to the same pattern, but I added 2 more repeats of the pattern to the bracelet-cuff, so that 2 ribbons could be pulled through and one more to be tied into a bow. The necklace, however, has just one row of holes for inserting the ribbon, and is tied to the front.

You will find this lovely choker-necklace diagram HERE

The sewn combination was published in the 13th, holiday edition of the on-line Magazine about cutting and sewing "Anita Mei", and there you will find instructions and a drawing for the skirt and corset.
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I tailored the top using a basic cut for a blouse, attached a ruffle, made from a contrasting fabric, to the top edge, and added stripes made of satin ribbon.
The corset has metal eyelets on the back which are used to pull the satin ribbon through for fastening. Between the back panels I added a piece of fabric to enable adjusting the corset to my figure.

The skirt was made from two squares (one beige and the other dark red) positioned diagonally one to another, thus forming alternate pointed edges. In the picture on the left below, the corset is tucked into the skirt to show the waistband, but to me it seems nicer when the top lays over the skirt.

And, of course, finally - the Ball...
The skirt, as we already said, is like a full circle (but tailored as a square), and it has a remarkable swing during dancing :)
The basic fabric is fine, heavy, embroidered brocade, given to me by my cousin and his new wife at their wedding. The lower dark red fabric was a gift from the best man on my own wedding day. It's interesting how these two weddings have blended together into an interesting ballroom creation.


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