Poncho "Mexicana"

In 2015 i 2016 my shawls were exhibited and sold at  The International Crafts Fair in Mexico City. For this year's Fair, along with some more shawls, I had two ponchos ordered, and this one is the first of them.

The poncho is crocheted out of large blocks and has a hood.

The height from neck down is 61 cm
One side of a single block is about 35 cm
Fringe is 13 cm long
It weighs 430 gr


450 gr of yarn which is about 20% wool, and the rest acrylic for hook No. 3-4
Grey - 100 gr
Dark grey - 130 gr
Bordo - 70 gr
Orange - 100 gr
White - 50 gr
Hook No. 4

Make 8 blocks - 3 for the front, 3 for the back and 2 for the hood.


ch - chain
sl st - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
trc - treble (tripple) crochet
rnd(s) - round(s)


Start with ch4 and close the circle with a sl st. Work in rounds.

1. rnd - (dark grey) ch5, (1 trc, ch1)11x; 1sl st in 4th loop of the initial 5.
2. rnd - (dark grey) (ch3, 1trc) in space between trc, ch3, *2trc together, ch3*. Repeat 10x from * to *.  Work 2 trc together in space between 2 trc of previous rnd.
3. rnd - (bordo) In 1st arch ch3, 4dc, *5dc in next arch*, repeat 10x from * to *. 1sl st in 1st loop of the initial ch3.
4. rnd - (grey) ch4 in the 1st loop, 1trc in next loop, *ch2, skip , 2trc*. Repeat from * to *, ch2. 1sl st in 1st loop of the initial ch4.
5. rnd - (grey) 4pl in 1st arch, 4trc in the same arch, *ch1, 5trc in next arch*. Repeat from * to *, ch1. 1sl st in 1st loop of ch4.
6. rnd - (grey) 1sc in space between 2 sets of trc, *ch7, 1sc in next space*. Repeat from * to * 18x, ch3, 1trc in 1st sc of this rnd.
7. rnd - (grey) 1sc in arch, ch7. Repeat to the end of rnd.
8. rnd - (orange) ch3 in 1st arch, 4dc in the same arch (shell), *(ch1, 5dc in next arch)3x, (ch1, 2trc in next arch, ch2, 2trc in the same arch) = corner, ch1*. Repeat from * to * 3 more times1sl st in 1st loop of ch3.
9. rnd - (bordo) ch3, 5dc between corner and 1st shell, *(1sc in central loop of the shell, 6dc in space between 2 shells,)4x, 2trc in corner, ch2, 2trc in the same corner*. Repeat from * to * 3 more times1sl st in 1st loop of ch3.
10. rnd - (white) *(1sc in center of shell, 6dc in space between 2 shells)6x, 2trc in corner, ch2, 2trc in the same corner*. Repeat from * to * 3more times.
11. rnd - (dark grey) 1sc in center of 1st shell, ch5, (1dc between 2 shells, ch2, 1dc in center of next shell, ch2). Repeat to 1st corner; in corner 2trc, ch2, 2trc*. Repeat 3 more times from * to *. 1sl st in 1st sc.
12. rnd - (dark grey) work only sc on the sides of each block. In corners work 2sc, ch2, 2sc. 1sl st in 1st sc of this rnd. Break yarn.

Weave in ends and press all blocks.

Diagram "Mexicana"


Assemble the pieces so that 3 blocks are at the front, 3 at the back, each in "V" shape. Sew shoulder seams.


The neckline will be too big so it needs to be crocheted around. Start at the left shoulder seam and work in rounds.
Round 1 - With dark grey crochet around the neckline with dc; in corners work 6dc together. Finish every rnd with 1slip stitch in the 3rd loop of the initial ch3.
Round 2 - ch4, skip 2sts, (1dc, ch1, skip 2sts) repeat to the corner; in corners work 4dc tog. but skip 1 stitch between each half-worked dc.
Round 3 - ch3, 1dc between 2dc of previous rnd, (2dc between 2dc of previous rnd) repeat to the corner; in corners work 5dc tog.
Round 4 - ch2, 1dc in next st, (2dc tog), repeat to the corner, in corners work 5dc tog. Break yarn.


For the hood sew 2 remaining blocks tog along 2 sides. Along open sides of the hood work sc like this: (2sc, 2sc tog) repeat to the end of round. This way the edge will stiffen a bit.
Sew the hood onto the neckline starting from the front, about 8cm from the center, and sew it along the whole neckline until there is another 8cm left at the front (=16 cm open at the front center).


Attach fringe to the lower edge of the poncho, using orange yarn, about 25cm long (6 strings folded in half). The length of finished fringe should be 12-13 cm.

Attach a tassel to the top of the hood, the length as the fringe but thicker, i.e. holding a larger bunch of strings.

Weave in ends. Press the fringe to straighten them.


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