Winter melange - hooded wrap

In cold days this interesting hooded wrap will make you a pretty, modern and a bit mysterious woman.

 This is exactly why Marina has chosen the warm, romantic, practical wrap to protect her from freezing cold days, but also to be noticed wherever she goes.

The model comes from a Russian magazine "Žurnal MOD", No. 561, a special edition dedicated to hats. What makes this hooded wrap specific is the fact that its designer Nina Zarkova suggests to wear this piece of accessory as a hood, a skirt or even as a dress.

Instructions below are pretty simple and they combine 10 different patterns that follow each other, so it makes knitting a lot of fun. The wrap is worked with round needles, with no seams. The bottom part is wide enough to fit your shoulders in it, and from 1/3 onwards it becomes more narrow to fit the head and neck.

Original model


420gr of melange yarn, 125m = 100gr (or two contrasting colours to hold together while knitting), and round needles No. 6.

Suggestion: Considering the fact that different stitches in this wrap are very beatiful and decorative, and that they are practically invisible in melange knitting, this hooded shawl can be made from one colour yarn to point out the beauty of work.

IMPORTANT! Drawing No. 30 shows the wrap folded in half, so the width of the lower edge needs to be 120cm, upper edge 56cm, and also all other width measurements should be multiplied with 2.

Tip: Before starting your work, make sure you make a gauge swatch. It will help you determine how many stitches you will need for the 120cm width.


st(s) - Stitch(es)
K - Knit
P - Purl
rnd(s) - Round(s)


With round needles cast on an even number of sts, place a marker to mark the beginning of round and knit in rounds as follows:

Pattern 1 - 8cm in rib st 2/2 (= K2, P2)

Pattern 2 - 10cm - (K 4 rnds, P 5 rnds) repeat twice.

Pattern 3 - 9cm cables - (K8, P4) repeat to the end of rnd. Continue like this for 9 rnds. In rnd 10 do the cable: 4sts transfer to the cable needle, one by one, in front of the work, K next 4sts, K the 4sts from the cable needle; P next 4sts. Repeat to the end. (The instructions don't specify how many times the cable pattern should be repeated, but I did several more rnds of K8, P4).

Pattern 4 - 4cm of ribs 2/2, but in the 1st rnd increase the width of the wrap by 1/2. This means that you knit as follows: *(K2 together)2x, (P2 together)2x*. Repeat from * to *. In the next rnds just continue working K2, P2.

Pattern 5 - "chess board" *(K4, P4) repeat to the end and continue for 4rnds. Then work (P4, K4) for the next 4 rnds.* From * to * repeat 3x.

Pattern 6 - P 5rnds, K 4rnds, P 5rnds.

Pattern 7 - lace motiv following Diagram 30, repeat 1x. The Diagram shows odd rnds only. In even rnds work sts as they appear: K knit sts, P purl sts, and K yarn overs.

Pattern 8 - 8rnds of rib st 2/2.

Pattern 9 - 4rnds of garter st = K 1rnd, P 1rnd.

Pattern 10 - 24rnds of ribs 2/2, 1rnd of ribs 1/1. Cast off all sts loosely.