White "Mexicana" with Sleeves

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My last Mexicana, made for The International Crafts Fair in Mexico City, has sleeves which keep the shawl in place.

What makes it special

With its unique look and tiny sleeves, this exceptional shawl features a little different look than the ones we are used to. Crocheted in fillet technique, in a pattern similar to those of our grandmother's tablecloths, it will bring us back to long past times with the sophisticated, retro look. 

How do you wear it

The shawl can be worn in a way that the front edges fall freely, they can be attached with a broach, tied at the back at waistline, or one end can be pulled through one of the wholes of the other end in the pattern itself, forming a bow.


The shawl is made from high quality yarn with 25% wool and 75% acrylic, so it enables easy maintenance by hand washing in warm water.

How to make the shawl

Crocheting is very simple and doesn't require detailed instructions, yet, it offers countless possibilities. As shown in picture below, onto a finished, crocheted triangular shawl you can knit sleeves in rib stitch 1/1. Choose any desirable pattern for crocheting a triangular shawl (you will find some ideas here), and knit the sleeves onto the finished piece. To determine the place of the sleeves, fold the diagonal sides in half and mark the half point with a pin. Measure the circumference of your arm just below the elbow, and transfer 1/2 of that measurement to the left and right from the pin - there will be the beginning and ending of knitting the sleeve, i.e. its width. Make the sleeves as long as you like, and the best stitch for this purpose is a 1/1 rib = K1, P1. Knit on an even number of stitches.

Alternative to knitted sleeves

In case you don't know how to knit, the sleeves can be worked in crocheting technique as well. Work back and forth in single crochet to make the work firm so as not to stretch when worn.

The picture below shows the folded shawl - the sleeves are also folded and its edges sewn together.