One Ladylike and One Rock'N'Roll Hat

Winter holiday is the perfect time for making warm headpieces. These days I've been crocheting some thick yarn hats.

I made the green hat using yarn called "Palma", a blend of viscose, acrylic and wool. I used hook No. 6 and holding three strands together. The top of the hat is worked in sc, the sides are done in hdc, by inserting the hook at the back of each loop from the previous round, which gives it this chainlike structure, resembling the knit ribbed stitch. The brim was made in sc, yet, it is separated in two parts, and worked with turns, while the rest of the hat was done in a spiral.
Four different buttons in silver shades were sewn onto the folded upper edge of the brim. The brim itself is firm and can be shaped as you wish.

 The black hat was made almost identically as the green one, with the difference in shaping the brim in one piece. The whole hat was done spirally, i.e. without joining yarn at the end of each round, so as not to have a "seam". In my experience, this way of crocheting has proved to be the best in the process of making hats.

The material is 100% acrylic, yarn "Snežana", and I held 2 strands of it. The top was worked with hook No. 6, the body with hook No. 9, and the brim again with hook No. 6. This piece is very firm and it enables you to curve the edges of the brim at your own preference.
The decoration is also in silver tone - one round link, sewn to the body of the hat, at the same time holds the double folded chain which goes around the hat.