Triangle Motifs Dress

This light cotton summer dress is made up from triangular motifs, joined together in a modern, vibrant garment. The way of assembling the triangular pieces shapes the neckline and shoulders, widens the item in the hip area, and forms a slightly curved hem.

The inspiration came from the dress in the picture below, and I would love to make a long, glamorous dress like this one day. The assembly diagram and the size of the motifs are a bit different from my variation as they were probably crocheted with thinner yarn and smaller hook.


My dress requires completing 44 triangular motifs, whose one side is 19 cm long. You will need 20 triangles for the front piece, 20 for the back, and 4 side motifs in the area from armpit to the waist, which belong both to the front and the back of the dress. The front and back pieces are identical. The length from shoulder to hem is 90 cm. My size is S/M.


350 gr of cotton yarn for hook No. 3.5. (50 gr = 125 m)
Hooks No. 3.5 and 2.5


Using hook 3.5 crochet triangles following Diagram A, and assemble them according to Drawing A.

Diagram A
Complete triangles 1-20 for the front piece, and join them to one another following Drawing A below. Repeat the same process for the back piece. Finally, crochet triangles 21, 22, 23, and 24, which will form the sides in the waist area, and they belong both to the front and back pieces. The drawing shows half of each of these triangles, since the other halves are at the back. Join triangles 21 and 22 down one side, and then join them to triangles 5 and 8 of the front and back pieces, as shown in the drawing. Do the same with triangles 23 and 24, which you need to join to 7 and 10.

Upper sides of motifs 1 and 4 are shoulders, so they need to be attached to their corresponding pairs at the back side. The same works for motifs 11 and 15, which will be joined to their corresponding motifs at the back on their outer sides. The motifs 16 and 20 should remain unjoined with their pairs at the back, so as to form a curved edge.

Weave in all ends using a smaller hook.

Drawing A, front piece
If you decide to crochet with thinner yarn, follow Drawing B below (taken from the Internet). Of course, you can assemble the motifs according to your measurements. The best way to get the right fit is to calculate the size of the garment based on one triangle dimensions, and draw your own pattern. 

Drawing B


Work 2 rounds of single crochet around neckline.

Work half double crochet around sleeve edges but crochet in every second stitch. That way the sleeves will have a gathered end. If you prefer wider sleeves, however, then work in each stitch.

Work double crochet around the hem of the dress by crocheting in each st. In corners work 5dc tog. In the next 3 rounds work like this: ch4, *skip 1, dc in next st, ch1*. Repeat from * to *. In corners work 3dc tog. Break yarn, weave in all remaining ends.